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          Healthcare Plumbing Services

AMERICAN PLUMBING PROFESSIONALS know how important it is to take care of your healthcare plumbing and drainage needs in a timely, professional fashion - regardless of the hour or day you need a plumber! That's why when you call American Plumbing  you can be sure that you are reaching a medical plumbing and drainage specialist who has the equipment and experience required to provide you with the information you need to understand your plumbing situation and make choices that will fix it right the first time. In addition to responding to your emergency plumbing needs in a timely fashion 24/7, our plumbers can help you prevent costly plumbing pitfalls with our no cost, no obligation American Plumbing Professional Inspection.

      We have access to the best plumbing technology that is available today. Because of this we guarantee you will appreciate the benefits of having us on call to take care of all your plumbing and facility maintenance needs. Overall, our goal is to ensure that we properly diagnose your plumbing situation and treat it with the best technology, equipment and products available to us. We strive to deliver to you a service experience and level of satisfaction that is so hard to find in the plumbing service industry of today. We want to not only meet, but exceed your service expectations while keeping your health care operation running smoothly. Some of the many plumbing and drain issues we cover are:

    At Your Service!
Water Heaters and Boilers
Drain Repair / Replacement
Drain Re-Lining
Fiber-optic Video Inspections
Water Line Repair / Replacement
Irrigation lines
* Leak Location
Septic Tanks and Grease Traps
Sewage Drain Lines
Vacuum Truck and Disposal
Medical Waste Removal
Sinks Drains and Faucets
Toilet Repair and Replacement
* Hydro jetting For All Drains
* Gutter and Storm Drain Cleaning
* Drain Clearing
* Floor Drains and Mop Sinks
* Backflow Prevention
* Medical Gas
* Irrigation lines
* Parking lot cleaning
Full Plumbing Inspections
Facility Maintenance
Gas Lines Repair / Replacement

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